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Trinity House was built in 1859 using bricks that made it to our area as the ballast on a ship, originating from the Trinity neighbourhood of Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the decades, Trinity House has served multiple purposes – from a family home to a doctor’s office, but it officially became the “Trinity House Inn” in 1989, when former owner Jacques converted the beautiful property into a welcoming place for visitors to Gananqoue and the 1000 Islands to stay.

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Mission & Vision

  • We commit to using sustainable products as much as possible. This means reusing materials as well as purchasing products that have been created sustainably
  • We commit to ensuring that our focus on sustainability does not come at the expense of luxury. We can minimize our environmental footprint while still providing a luxurious experience for our guests and visitors.
  • We commit to honouring our history. This means continuing to use the name “The Trinity” as it not only signifies the original name of the building, but also the neighbourhood in Scotland where the bricks our Inn was built from originated.
  • We commit to supporting local as much as possible. This includes buying from local product and service providers, partnering with local businesses, and putting effort into promoting the town and region.

In 2022, Milton and Anne-Marie made the decision to purchase the Inn to ensure it stayed locally owned, and that it was allowed to maintain its charm and character. After an extensive 6-month renovation project, the Trinity has been revitalised and is ready to welcome guests and visitors to Gananoque and the 1000 Islands once more.

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